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ConnPro Slim SAS HD 4.0 Product Solutions Released

ConnPro Slim SAS HD 4.0 Product Solutions

ConnPro Slim SAS HD 4.0 Product Solution is compliant with SFF-8644 MSA with mechanical requirement, whose reduced size of connector provides premium board space for implementing more I/O ports. The single lane speed is up to 22.5-Gbps to fulfill SAS-4 and PCIe4 x4 standard, also backward to fully compliant with SAS-3 of 12-Gbps and PCIe3 x4 lane speed. Also, the out-of-band (OOB) low-speed hand-shaking communication.This cable can be compliant to 100GBASE-SR4 Ethernet or 100-Gbps EDR InfiniBand protocol to meet several existing standards.


  • Backwards compatible to 12-Gbps SAS-3 and PCIe3 x4 of optical-mode capable systems with out-of-band (OOB) signal supported
  • Round cable for flexible routing and easy cable management
  • Compliant to SFF-8644 MSA standard in mechanical consideration
  • Management interface compliant to SFF-8636
  • QSFP28 to Mini-SAS HD AOC with different form-factors over two ends are available upon customer request
  • Supporting Hot Plug

Files: SLIM SAS HD 4.0 Passive Copper Cable Solutions (678 KB) SLIM SAS HD 4.0 Active Optical Cable Solutions (805 KB)