CONNPRO 100G EDR Cable Solution


ConnPro High Speed QSFP+ 100G EDR Direct Attach CopperCable Assemblies are designed for data centers, networking, and HPC (High Performance Computing) applications. Conforming to SFF-8436, ConnPro High Speed provides high quality and cost effective solution to the high-density network switching cross-connections of your data centers.


-       SFF-8436 QSFP+ interface compliant product.
-       IEEE 802.3ba 100G Base
-       InfiniBand Architecture EDR
-      Fully Compliant to INF 8074i MSA EEPROM for signature and system communications
-      Broadband Twin coaxial pairs support serial data rate up to 28Gbps
-      Low power consumption, Low transmission latency, Low cross-talk & Low skew
-      Pull to release latch enable an easy cable installation and hot plug
-      S/R design ensures a reliable performance when cable is bent
-      RoHS compliant, 100% factory independently tested, anti-static package
-      Highly cost-effective alternative to optical interface in short reach

-       Network data transmission: Servers, Switches, Routers &Hubs
-       Network or External storage systems for data center
-       Network interface cards (NIC’s) & Telecommunication equipment
-       100 Gigabit Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet
-       Fiber Channel over Ethernet
-       InfiniBand Standards SDR, DDR, QDR, EDR


-       ConnPro 100G EDR cable solution is available in both AOC and Passive Copper Cable solutions. 

For more product information, please click on the below link for product specification:

- ConnPro QSFP 100G EDR AOC cable specification. 
- ConnPro QSFP 100G EDR Passive Copper cable specification